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How to undergo WhatsApp Spy using AntSpy

Did you know that today WhatsApp has gained more than a billion of users throughout the globe? If your children, spouse, friend, and employee are having Smartphone obviously they might be using WhatsApp on it for communicating with others and share the multimedia files. Nowadays the use of WhatsApp is increasing at a greater ratio as compared to the other communication tools. This has led the use of spy app among the people also increase more. The reason for using the spy tool is that instant messaging tools are turning into a safe haven for data criminals and cyber-bullies.

With AntSpy a user can remotely do the monitoring of the WhatsApp messages, video-voice calls, conference calls, group chatting and see shared multimedia files. This app will help a user to instantly check the activities done over the WhatsApp account of the target. AntSpy is a reliable tracking solution that will allow you to discover everything accurately that you wants. All a user need is to download the app into the target person device and begin doing spy on WhatsApp logs.

How to undergo WhatsApp Spy using AntSpy

When a user gets access to the AntSpy, he/she become liable to do the following activities

Viewing WhatsApp call logs completely- A user can view the call logs of the target person WhatsApp account. The calls whether voice call, video call or conference call; everything will be easily traced by the app and shared with you on the online dashboard of AntSpy.

Readout all chat threads- This spy tool is highly effective and efficient in acquiring the complete details of the chats done over WhatsApp. All chats with its content, date, time and person involved will easily be known to one. Even if the conversations are deleted the app is capable enough to retrieve those accurately.

View all shared multimedia files- The app will permit you in viewing the shared multimedia files inclusive of photos, videos, documents, etc. Thus the intention of the suspect will easily be known easily that in what way the WhatsApp account is operated by him or her.

WhatsApp status- Sharing status on WhatsApp has become a fantasy for all its user to let others know what interesting is going on in one’s life. The app status can be seen easily and if a hacker is interested in saving it, those can be downloaded and saved.

Last seen and other privacy settings will be seen- Similar to the other communication tool WhatsApp is also having its own privacy setting. The users are found hiding the last seen of them and also they do the settings like hiding WhatsApp status, profile picture, about, etc. The setting done on it can also be seen. Even the blocked contacts list will also be known by the spy app user.

How to do WhatsApp spy

To so spy on WhatsApp account of the target person a user needs to get the AntSpy download and installed from its official site antspy.net. Antspy works on iOS and android OS effectively. It is safe to download and install the wizard as it is a trusted app. It is used by many hackers and they are giving a good star rating and reviews to it.

After that, a user has to create a user account by signing up. This process just requires a few minutes and then a hacker can log into the user account. There at the online dashboard, a user will get the complete details of the extracted information from the target person WhatsApp account. The accurately record the activities logs of the target WhatsApp account and transfer it to the online dashboard of the wizard.

Benefits of using this tracker

  • Fast customer care support is provided
  • Compatibility is there with all leading OS
  • Completely result-oriented solution
  • Transfer the data faster and accurately
  • Impossible to track the app installed into target OS
  • Always works effectively and efficiently in the target device in hidden mode

Features to know of the app

  • Calls Spy- All call logs including calls like made, received, missed, ignored, deleted will be spied fully with its date, time, location, duration, etc.
  • Text messages spy- The messages send, received, deleted can be read fully with its details such as content, shared media files, etc.
  • Internet browser history spy- The sites and URLs visited will be known to a hacker so that if any malicious site is found, those can be obstructed.
  • Media files spy- All saved media files such as videos, photos, screenshots, etc will be collected and transferred to the app dashboard.


All of the above-discussed features and benefits can be experience when using it. If you doubt anyone, get this app now and start spying on WhatsApp.

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