Features of Free Mobile Spy App

Interesting features of Free Mobile Spy App

Spy applications have been specially designed for all those parents who want to know and watch everything that their kids have been doing on their phone. And this doesn’t stop here, this sneaky software is also highly used by the family members, girlfriends, boyfriends, and even by the suspicious employers to know what their employees are doing dusting their office hours. So now, if you think that someone knows a little too much about you without even telling them, then there might be a chance that they are spying on you.

In this article, you are going to read about some of the interesting features of a free mobile spy app- AntSpy.

Interesting features of Free Mobile Spy App

AntSpy- Best Free Mobile Spy

There are so many spying applications in the market today which offers numerous interesting features in just free of cost. The AntSpy application is one of them. It is one of the best applications for the purpose of spying someone remotely. You can easily download this app from this link: antspy.net. Now let us look at some of the best features offered by AntSpy.


GPS tracking: you can track the location of the person with the help of this app. The GPS tracking system offered by Antspy allows you to see the live activity of the targeted person and their mobile. The meaning of live activity is that you can see the location of the person on the map. You can easily monitor where the targeted person was bus the whole day, and the places they have visited all day.

SMS spying: this application is available for all the new and old users in play store which helps you to spy on the target person text messages. You can easily see the SMS conversation which has been going on in the targeted phone. You can see the exact date or time of the message as well. This way you can also save your child if he or she is indulged with someone in messages, who can harm them.

Spy the call logs: with the help of AntSpy you can monitor the targeted persons day to day call activity. It will allow you to see the duration of the call, the name of the person the call has been made with. You can also hear the whole conversation of the call in the hidden mode, without letting the targeted person know about it.

Call recording: the app offers you the option to record the calls. AntSpy is a free spying application that automatically saves the calls made by the target person and records it. This recording is then uploaded to your app account from where you can see and hear the whole call conversation. You just need to have to log in to the account. This is a very important feature in a situation where you were unavailable to monitor the call in real-time.

Such recordings also become the evidence of the call made which you can show if the person lies to you.

Ambient voice recording: the app can also record the ambient voices. This feature lets you hear the surrounding voices of the area. You can listen to these recordings in the application or download the recording as well.

What’s app spy: these days’ people are using what’s app application to communicate with each other more than any other application. Because what’s app has features to share photos, videos, audios, voice notes, etc. The AntSpy can spy all the day to day activity of the targeted person what’s app account for you. You can read all the messages; see the multimedia content, archives, spam messages, etc of the targeted person with the help of this app. The best part is that you can also view all the deleted conversations of the person.

Spy e-mail log: the AntSpy application is very useful for the purpose of e-mail log spying. They are majorly used by employers when they spy on their employees. You can easily monitor the send, received as well as archived emails of the targeted person. You can also see the started emails. It is much beneficial for a business person, as you can see if your employees are loyal to your company or not or if they are sharing secret information about your company you can catch them red-handed.

App blocking and social media spying: you can easily block the applications and spy at the social media accounts of the targeted person phone with the help of AntSpy spying application.

These were some of the interesting features of AntSpy – free mobile spy app.

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